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TURKTIPSAN A.Ş. the joint venture of five foundations (TAF Mehmetçik Foundation, TAF Empowerment Foundation, TAF Elele Foundation, TAF Solidarity and TAF Education Foundation), which is operating for the benefit of TAF, has been established as a Joint Stock Company on a total area of ​​22.000 m2 with 8.845 m2 of closed area.

In line with the national needs of our country, in order to create added value for the national economy and provide employment, started to operate primarily in the health sector to produce industrial and commercial parenteral solutions.

Today, TURKTIPSAN A.Ş., which owns 94 licensed products in 176 different forms and 6 licensed products in de Medical and Medical Equipment Production ile and one-third of the serum market. continues to develop and grow by continuously changing TPN (Total Parenteral Solution) and Ampul product types.

With its dynamic structure and strong human resources, TURKTIPSAN A.Ş. aims to realize its strategy of opening to national and international markets. is committed to maintaining its services in the sector with the awareness of corporate responsibility.