R & D




TURKTIPSAN R & D Center aims to provide human health services by developing innovative and economical products that are in line with the needs of our country and in line with the new treatment approaches that are effective and patient accordance with the pharmaceutical research and development studies.


In the scope of R & D Center, active ingredients, product and formulation development; literature surveys, patent research, process and analytical method validations, laboratory and pilot scale production studies, stability follow-up studies of developed products and preparation of CTD files activities are being carried out by the competent and experienced staff.


Our Project about ‘TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) Formulation and Analytical Method Development’ is supported by TUBITAK-TEYDEB under ‘1501 Industrial R&D Projects Support Programme’ and has been studying the project since 2016.


TURKTIPSAN continues to invest on new projects which uses latest technology for human health.